About Us



The Moneypit is the name of our house and it takes its name from the film with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, in which a couple puchase an old house..........

the house in the film The Moneypit

...where everything they touch falls to pieces with some hilarious results.

When we purchased our house...........

The Moneypit in 1990

...we felt we were in a similar position. The house was empty; partially derelict and sadly neglected and everything we touched fell to pieces!

our house in 2000

It has taken us 24 years and as well as bringing up a family and pots of money to get shipshape. We are now on the last part of the project which is to finish the rear garden and do some decorating. Then we can relax and enjoy it!!!

This is the latest picture of how it looked back in May 2008. Next new picture will be due in 2014 as soon as the weather breaks.

The Moneypit new picture