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Wareham Genealogical Database 1086-2009 'WGD2009'.

      1. Who?
        1. I am Chris Wareham (the designer/user) and i am interested in information pertaining to 'anyone' with the name Wareham who is recorded to have lived. I.e. Census, Parish Records, Historical documents etc especially photographs with relevant details such as name, date of birth, date of death etc

      2. What?
        1. The WGD2009 is a database designed using Lotus Approach©. Due to the amount of information being located and with the need to search that information quickly, a database was the obvious choice for storage of this information. Currently the database is approaching twenty thousand records, each record representing a different individual! Each record contains as much information as possible about each person, including First and Middle names; address lived at; dates of birth/christening/marriage/death; parents/siblings/childrens names and ages; information source; information supplier; other information as provided. The database construction began in 1998 and is currently injoying its tenth 'birthday'.

      3. Where?
        1. The WGD2009 is stored on a private computer system that only the database designer/user has access to. It is not available via the Internet. Enquiries to search the database may be sent to the designer/user, using the appropriate search form. Use this link: Search Form

      4. When?
        1. The database has records dating from approx 1086 with a Hugonnis De Quarham (Hugh Wareham) to almost the present day. The majority of the records are from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Prior to this the records become sparse due to the lack of information available, however there are a few records taken from historial documents covering the 16th, 15th, 14th, 13th centuries and indications of Warehams/Warhams living around 1150 and before.

      5. Why?
        1. The WGD2009 has been designed to store information about people with the name Wareham (including variants* where necessary - Warham) who are deceased and who lived anywhere in the world. The reason the database came about was my need to research my family tree. When i built my first computer, i was able to begin research properly especially as the Internet was coming on line. As i began researching i was immediately overwhelmed with information to the extent that very quickly (over a matter of approx 6 months) i had a mountain of roughly 7000 sheets of A4 paper which grew to, i guess, 22000 sheets over the next eight years. As i type this (18 May 2008) i have roughly 3000 sheets left to work through. This database has not only enabled me to store, search and retrieve information efficiently, but has allowed me the power to match individuals to their families, which as far as i can make out, has never been done to this extent before.

      6. How?
        1. Of the information i receive i have to view each piece of information and search the database to see if i already have that info. If i do, i check the authenticity of the data and update the record i have. If i do not find any matches, i create a new record and enter the information. The paper copy then gets destroyed and recycled. Some of the information i recieve is from people who have known a Wareham and they e-mail me with the details. In return i help them out with their searches and provide any information i can.

      7. Aim
        1. To create and maintain a 'library' of individuals with the name Wareham* to enable the linking of people within the database to their relative families by means of linking names, dates and locations and to make this information available to family historians where possible. This method is actually proving to work quite well indeed.

      8. Law
        1. The Data Protection Act UK, states basically that the storing of a 'living' individual's personal/sensitive information can only be allowed if certain authorisations are obtained from the individual in question. Therefore, to comply with The Data Protection Act, i have only stored individuals who are deceased. *Please do not contact me for information about any Warehams who are currently living. For those who are living and which i have made contact with, i ask their permission if i can keep their details in a paper contact book. The problem i have found with this method is that, not only is it slow, but the details sometimes change and this makes things awkward to keep updated, however it works for now.

      9. Policies
        1. The designer/user of the WGD2009 will not pass on information or contact details about any living individual unless that person authorises me to do so. Usually this is managed by an e-mail request to me asking for someone's contact details. I will then (if i have it) e-mail the requested contactee informing them that someone is trying to contact them. If they then choose to make contact i will pass on the contacter details to the contactee to make the next step.
        2. The designer/user is not seeking to research other people's family trees or to provide them with a complete set of information about their tree. That it is up to each family to research their own family tree and it should not be for someone else to 'steal their thunder!' However, if i am directly asked for information about an individual and i subsequently find that in my database, i will only provide what has been specifically asked for. e.g. to confirm a name or date or location etc. I consider that it would be very unfair if i rattled off a long line of relatives thereby ruining the fun and excitement of researching for that person; something i hope you'll agree.